Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Universal Studio Singapore

On 18 Mar 2010 - 8.28am, Universal Studio Singapore officially opened it's door to public. There was no tickets sold on the spot during this soft opening period, you have to book it throught internet or phone a few day early. When they first opened for booking on 10 Mar - 9.00am, their internet and phone lines was jammed due the the massive crowd. Perhaps thanks to the jammed, i was able to book the tickets early morning the next day, beating all other to be the first pax of visitors. (Adult S$66, Child S$48)
My daughter couldn't wake up early, so we went out a bit late, around 8.00am. I have to carried her all the way from Hotel 81 Lucky at Geylang, to the MRT, then to the Vivo City. From Vivo City, we took the Resort World Shuttle bus to Universal Studio (S$2 per-person). We arrived there around 10am, missed the opening ceremony. Surprisingly, the crowd was very small, i was expecting a huge crowd since all the tickets for the first 2 days was sold out. Perhaps they limited the visitors since it was the 1st opening day.
There is a luggage storage room out there before the entrance, which cost S$20 per-day. Because it's still in soft opening, not all attraction are ready, in return we got the meal voucher S$30 and retail voucher S$15. Entering Universal Studio, the sales girls form the toy shops, at the side, carrying the toys and waving to the visitors, especially children.You know, children hard to resist this kind of temptation, my daughter straigth run to the toy. "No, Stop!! Not yet, not now !! Later !!"
The first attraction we went to was Shrek 4D movie. After entering the hall, there was a girl instructor talking quite sometime, and play some movie clips to introduce visitors to the shrek story. I was thinking, why not just let us in and play the damn movie. After about 10 minutes, finally we got into the theater to watch the 4D Shrek movie. It's quite entertained, but the interactive shaking effect (your chair shaking) was not quite well excuted. Since it was not first person view movie like those motion master ride, the shaking part was a bit overdone. Like, why should the audience being shaked when a frog strike a small fairly ?
Then we went to Jurrasic Park Adventure Ride, for me, this and the Mummy Revenge Ride is the most exciting ride in Universal Studio here. And prepare to get wet !! You better bring yourself the raincoat, or buy one at the entrance of the ride. The few girls sit in front of us, are totally wet after the ride !! Should have snapped a shot of the girls, missed it. The Mummy Revenge Ride, since my daughter can't get in becuase below 110cm, i took the ride myself. There was nobody else, only me alone taking the ride, the whole vihicle which could fit around 30 people, was empty except me.
Finally, it's shopping time.
The End
The end.